Employees are to be communicating with honesty and to, “Keep my commitments to promised actions”, in order to build trusting relationships with co workers USAA, 2015. Other similar qualities include encouragement, curiosity, innovation, and honesty. The USAA Standard aligns with the relationship based ethical perspective, which assumes that ethical behavior is built and cultivated through high quality and honest communication. Four of the six sections of the standard make at least one reference to how an employee’s communication should be with a co worker or a customer. Their communication should contain empathy, transparency, the ability to test new ideas, and open enough to discuss questions that may improve the company’s work. Communication also leads to better relationship development with a customer due to how information and emotions like empathy are exchanged. The training of USAA employees is unique because it provides particular capabilities of how they should act ethically with their customers who are mostly military members. USAA is dedicated to their customers and they want their employees to understand the perspectives of the customers they serve. The training process for USAA employees is, “Essentially a ‘boot camp’ for employees, a 10 week experience, simulating the challenges that military personnel experience every day. Trainees are given stern commands, heavy gear to wear, and military standard meals ready to eat MREs for lunch” Fleurke, 2009. The training allows employees to acquire a sense of support and compassion with the majority of USSA’s customers before they begin to respond to the respected needs of a customer. The one second on the handle does not apply in singles except in the case of a set shot on the forward three row.

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